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Technical Services And Preparing For VoIP

Services on offer include:

PBX And Network Surveys

Adopting Voice over IP (VoIP) may be one of your objectives, but how much do you really know about your legacy equipment? How does your existing PBX estate fit together and provide mission critical telephone service?

Adam can do the research for you and give you the basis for your VoIP business case and ensure a painless transition.

Configuration And Traffic Analysis

Adam can analyse your survey data, routing tables, traffic patterns and call detail logging reports (CDR) then identify where savings can be made or where abuse may be taking place.

He can analyse routing tables from Meridian, ISDX, Realitis, HiPath and Mitel PBXs. Sometimes routing tables in PBXs become inefficient and disorganised over time. Sometimes they can hide abuse or 'toll fraud'. Such analysis allows us to make recommendations and provide detailed instructions for your PBX maintainer to implement.

Recommendations might include re-routing your calls to a cheaper carrier or suggesting an internal link between your locations with low fixed costs that are easy to budget for.

Adam has also written scripts in Vbasic to analyse complex routing tables and make them easy to understand so that instead of a jumble of numbers you see actual place names.

Solution Implementation

Once Adam has identified potential costs savings or improvements he can work with your PBX maintainer to implement them.

Lifecycle Support, Number Management And Routine Analysis

Adam can help you manage your network, monitoring performance and providing reports in the style you prefer and advise when action needs to be taken.

This could include managing your routing tables and numbering scheme, receiving and distributing change requests ensuring that your numbering scheme is always in good order.

He can also analyse your traffic reports routinely and identify when action is indicated.

Please talk to him about how he can help you.

Custom Scripting

Your PBXs probably contain all your names and numbers - so does your internal phone book and so will your new VoIP equipment, but how will you get the data from one to the other?

Adam's custom solutions will massage your data from one format to another making transition quick, easy and typo free.

This is just an example. There are many situations where data needs to be converted from one format to another when implementing new equipment. Adam has been writing scripts in Vbasic for many years and can produce various custom tools as required.

Databases And Custom Data Handling

Adam can devise database solutions based on Microsoft Access or ASP.NET to help you handle your data easily and efficiently. These might include order and job tracking, number management, etc.

Useful Links - Useful resource for telephone traffic calculations. - Useful resource for UK code information (the service formerly provided by the University of Warwick). - The website of the UK regulatory body for telecommunications services.