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Project Management

Services on offer include:

Project Management

Adam can manage your projects for you using Prince2 as his default methodology. Naturally, he will work in the way that best suits your way of working. As a specialist in telecoms his expertise stretches into related branches of IT and business processes.

He is also independent from any equipment or service vendors and many organisations prefer to have an independent project manager in addition to or in place of a vendor's own project manager.


Adam can provide planning expertise to your project team, particularly relating to channel switched PBXs. VoIP implementation teams benefit from having this particular expertise.

His logical and analytical thought processes can aid all manner of planning and sometimes an outside viewpoint like his can help you see the wood for the trees.

Project Support

All projects fare better with a good support team. Adam can fill some of the gaps for you. His flexibility helps you maximise your budget and helps you avoid taking on full time staff when it's not really what you need.

Document Creation

He can help you create all types of documentation:

Giving him this to do frees your team to concentrate on managing the project.