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Process Development / Process Improvement

Services on offer include:

Business processes can be summed up as "writing down what you do, then doing what you wrote down". However, developing good efficient processes is rarely that simple and there really is no point if new processes create additional burden for little gain.

These days, more than ever, you want to know that your people are working in the most efficient way. We can help you review what processes you have, develop fresh processes or refine existing processes resulting in cost savings and quality improvements

Adam was trained in Process Quality Management & Improvement (PQMI) during his time at AT&T. PQMI was originally developed by Bell Laboratories for the US telephone network known as The Bell System and is used widely by the telecoms industry. PQMI is used wherever smart effective processes are required. Many of the tools are common to Six Sigma

Process Improvement Projects

If your processes are already documented, but you need to improve efficiency then Adam can help here too, either by leading your teams or by providing support to your own process champions.

Process Document Creation

If you don't yet have processes documented he can work with your teams to develop them. This usually starts by simply documenting how work takes place today, but is an excellent basis for process improvement.

This work will result in charts and detailed instructions of how work is carried out depending on your requirements.

Adam's style is to produce documentation that is easy for the team to use on a daily basis ensuring that processes are used and followed and not consigned to a shelf gathering dust.

Get Organised

Sometimes all you need is help getting organised. Adam can bring an external perspective to situations that can really help you to be more efficient as an individual, a team or an organisation.